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The Obesity Epidemic

The epidemic of obesity is not sparing any part of the world. According to the WHO, morbid obesity kills more than 36 million persons each year. A recent NIH study has reported that extreme obesity is shortening life expectancy in certain groups with 14 years.

The economic burden of such health problems is estimated to be $190 billion per year in the USA alone and rising rapidly in extremely populous countries like India and China.

Bariatric Surgery is the only hope for this decade and the early part of this century, to decrease this epidemic.

Our Commitment

Bariatric Solutions International is dedicated to contribute in the battle against obesity and has continuously made its efforts to make bariatric surgery safer and more effective.

Surgical Techniques and Practical Solutions

Throughout the years various surgical techniques have come and gone. Clinical research is the driver towards more effective and safer types of surgery, leading to new insights and innovations.

Bariatric Solutions International supports Evidence Based Medicine and has initiated and endorsed numerous research projects throughout the world. We welcome research initiatives and help wherever we can.

Our endorsement of the scientific platforms for Banded Gastric Bypass and Banded Sleeve Gastrectomy are another example of our commitment to bring Bariatric Surgery further.

At the base of our organization is the aspiration to bring practical solutions for surgical problems.

With sales in more than 20 countries, apparently we do something right…